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“I would like to offer my complete and unabashed support for Madre Mudra. I love the underwear for its comfort and soothing support and I love the company for its ethos and connection and commitment to the female body.”

~Yael Stone, Actress & Mother

“When I wear these undies, I feel my sacred reproductive system is supported and loved. Knowing that they were hand made with love and sustainable materials, makes me feel secure that they will serve me and my womb in the best way possible.”

~Velaydya, Holistic Nutritionist & Yoni Health Guide

“Secret Garden Panties help me to feel beautiful and brave, especially in a season of my life where I'm working to transcend the limitations of self-judgement and unhealthy relationships with myself and others.”

~Alexandra sasa, Permaculturalist & Mother

Bree lauren, founder

Madre Mudra was created to make eco-luxury affordable and available to other folks on their journey to an empowered relationship with their bodies.

As bree began healing from her own reproductive trauma, she began a path to discovering what being a woman could be like. What she discovered was that most people struggle with their bodies. through the doorway of studying as a Full Spectrum Doula, Prenatal Yoga Instructor, and Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapist it became clear to bree that women (and the earth) need sustainable intimate care.

she created the Secret Garden panties out of her own need for solace. in the past she and other women struggled to find sustainable remedial options for support where we need need it most.

Now, a sexually liberated women, wellness advocate, and environmental feminist, Bree has created this business to offer all females the increased level of support, comfort, and health benefits that they deserve through what they wear under their clothes.

The Panty Story - a personal share from bree

I believe Secret Garden Panties were literally created from my own womb. as womxn often times the womb is where we hold trauma, but also creativity.

The first time I menstruated when I was 14 years old, the bleeding didn’t stop—until I had an invasive surgery on my uterus 6 months later.

this rite of passage for me was traumatic. After I had the surgery I did not bleed for 7 years. When I was 22 years old my blood & I met again.

I tried so many things to relieve the discomfort of my period. I knew I needed something better. A hot mason jar in my pants while I wobbled around to keep it in wasn’t working anymore. I wanted to feel safe and comforted while still being out in the world. I was also sick of feeling like having a period was wasteful. So I started sewing reusable cotton pads, purchasing natural fiber panties and putting my flax seed eye pillow in my pants to replace the mason jar.

During a challenging frigid winter, I turned my creativity (and heater) on and birthed Secret Garden Panties. I was doing plant dyes in the kitchen of my sharehouse, hanging panty pieces all over the house from the dining room chandelier to the kitchen window curtain rod. When I completed my first batch of plant dyes, sewed the pieces together, and put on the panties with the special womb warming pillow that actually fit, I took a deep breathe and thought “This is freaking it.”

As I am still learning to understand my body’s cycles and shed the trauma that I carry, making These panties and expanding to a whole range of sustainable intimates is part of the journey to my own healing. my wish is that they can provide anyone who wears them with the superpowers to trust and take care of their own body.

made by womxn, for womxn.

Here at Madre Mudra we value being feminine led. Not because the male gender is unqualified for the task, but because we are making a stance in a patriarchal system. We believe that folks identifying as women have an understanding of what the female body wants & needs. We are better together, that’s why we encourage women supporting women.


Madre Mudra is making basic intimates for the not so basic woman. Designed to provide comfort and support to any woman in any stage of life. be it coming of age, transitioning, pregnant, postpartum, supporting an abortion or post menopause.

we recognize gender as a construct and respect that not all women bleed, and that not all people who bleed are women. As madre mudra grows, we are excited to eventually offer sustainable intimates suitable for all bodies.