The start of something new...

Ok here goes…

My first blog post.

It feels fitting to be writing the day after the Full Moon in my fiery sign of Aries. This full moon has drawn a lot of my attention towards my work and banishing any professional monsters that are blocking my creative process.

I feel ready to dive back in.

I feel ready for this to take time. By feeling “ready” I simply mean that I have realized Madre Mudra is my friend, rather than an obstacle that I have to overcome. Surely I have obstacles to overcome in order to show up boldly as the authority of my brand. But I will do so, so I can attract those that need to feel confidence and passion as my reflection.

I’m using this zealous energy to banish the insecurities that have been holding me back from continuing my work.

It feels really fucking good that creativity is yelling my name again.

Partially I am still intimidated, because it has been way too good to have been mostly off of a screen these past several months. Like, really good. But as the cozier months are creeping up, something about having my laptop curled up with a tea next to the fire and my dog seems endearing. So I believe this will be the beginning of something more consistent.

I’m not exactly sure what this will become, but I am excited to be writing more and sharing in a different way than just Instagram posts.

I’ve realized when I was in constant production and busting out panties night & day, that left little room for other ways to express my knowledge & art. Even just with myself. So discovering the sweetness of getting to re-know myself over the last couple of months is a come-up.

One thing that feels certain is that healing takes time. I can certainly say that right now I am much stronger than I was 6 months ago, but still on the daily little moments of depression creep back in as a reminder to take a pause, a breathe, and ask myself what I need in that moment. Even if it is a five minute break from what I am doing to ground back into my body and decide if I can come back to presence or I need to come back to what I am doing later. It’s these little reminders to use the tools I’ve acquired over the last several months through psycho-therapy, chi gong, breathe work, music and simple mindfulness. Remembering that my shadow is just as beautiful as my light- I am falling in love with myself & others because I am finally beginning to understand her.

I could go on about my life, my boundaries, my fears, desires, my traumas…. But really I’m not interested about talking about myself so much. Now that I’ve made a brief check in…here’s a question for YOU. You as in whoever is reading this. What do you want to hear from me? What are some topics you’d be interested in me covering? With this blog I am inviting in knowledge sharing, real talk, inspirations and a way to make deeper, more meaningful connections with the weird wide web and people that also give a fuck about making a change in our world.

As I bring this to a close, a reminder that it is not only the day after a potent Full Moon, but also Indigenous People’s Day. A reminder for us all to know whose land we live on, what was done to them, how we benefit from it, what are these peoples doing now, and how can we respect them? If you can’t answer these questions, this is an invitation to ask yourself why and find out.

Before I go, a big shoutout to the Universe to all of the people in my life who support me, believe in me, lift me up, call me out, and grow with me. I am extremely privileged to live the life I live, and I couldn’t do so without the love & support I receive every single day. I feel grateful every time I wake up in the morning with my breathe.

I intend to write at least twice a month, maybe more depending on how soon it gets real cold… Stay tuned babes. All my love.



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