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what are secret garden panties?

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Actually made with the body’s cycles in mind.

Made by women, for women.

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Our Panties provide comfort.

Even on the days you don’t feel like getting out of bed.


herbal warming pillow

Your new comfort ally that you wont want to live wthout...


insert the heatable pillow for penetrating warmth & comfort while you lounge


The pocket of the Secret Garden Panties holds the pillow that supports your reproductive organs, so your womb warming pillow will stay with you in bed, or come with you if your out in the world.

A secret in your panties, only you have to know about.

And it gets better. . .

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The Herbal Warming Pillow contains our proprietary blend of herbs specifically designed to relax your body and balance your hormones.

Simply pop it in the oven for a few minutes to activate and fill your home with the sultry and sacred scent of these powerful plants.

we can’t stop sniffin’

our sustainably sourced ingredients of lavender, rosemary, mugwort, desert sage and rose combine to support your reproductive health

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eco luxury

We are committed to bringing you panties that not only help you feel better, but also are good for the planet and your body.

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usa grown cotton

all of our panties are handmade out of organic usa grown cotton.

why organic usa grown cotton?

cotton is durable, has low ENVIRONMENTal impact, and it is naturally antibacterial; meaning it is safe to wear & bleed in them without risk of infection that synthetic materials pose. USA grown means that the fabric we use is locally sourced, eliminating a major impact that offshore clothing production has.

keep it og- organically grown cotton ensures that when you wear Madre mudra products, the fabric you wear on your private bits are chemical free.

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